Bert Lynda Cottage

The 2005 Wildern Family Reunion was held at Lynda Steensma (Amert's daughter) & Bert Steensma's cottage on the Muskegon River near Newaygo, Michigan.

Family members came from all over Michigan, California and Florida to attend the reunion. Gayle and Keith came from Indianopolis. She is Ruth Wildern's granddaughter and the daughter of Shirley Smith-Whitmore. It was great, because that was the first time many of us had ever met her.

The only member of the original Chelsea & Zella Wildern Family to attend was Dorothy Wildern-Lyon.  She is 94 years old. Unfortunately, all of her siblings are deceased. (update - Dorothy died Jan. 28th, 2011 about a month short of her 100th birthday).  One interesting note is that two of Dorothy's siblings, Harp and Audrey, both reached the 100th birthday, but then died shortly after. 

Most of the Lyon family attended. Same for the Nash-Perkins family, the Carrigan family and the Smedley family.

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