Ellen Lenora 'Nora' Wildern

Harmons - Thanksgiving 1941
The Harmons - Thanksgiving 1941

Ellen Lenora 'Nora' Wildern was born January 25, 1874 in Port Burwell, Ontario, Canada. She married Clyde Edwin Harmon, born October 2, 1868 on September 23, 1896 in Charlotte, Michigan. Nora and Edwin had two children, Robert Lyle Harmon, born May 17, 1905 in Charlotte, Michigan and Donald Austin Harmon, born July 29, 1906 in Charlotte Michigan. Robert Lyle married Jeanette Spath, born June 4, 1910 on January 19, 1937 in Jackson, Michigan. They had two children, Annette Ellen Harmon, born in Jackson, Michigan and Christine Lynne Harmon, born in Tucson, Arizona. Donald Austin married Constance Elizabeth Worden, born November 6, 1910 on October 19, 1935 in Grass Lake, Michigan. They had two children, Barbara Jean Harmon, born in Jackson, Michigan. She died 12 days later and Richard Allan Harmon, born in Jackson, Michigan.

Annette Ellen, daughter of Robert Lyle and Jeanette Spath would have been six months old at the time this photograph was taken. She's probably the baby in the picture, above. If so, the mother would be Jeanette Spath and the man on the far left touching the baby would more than likely be Robert Lyle. The three ladies center in the second row are Chelsea's sisters Nora, Florence and Jennie.

Chelsea's Siblings
Chelsea's sister, Florence, Job's sister, Ethel (seated), George Raymond,
Jennie, Cassie Velsey and Nora

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