Florence Marie Wildern

Florence About 18
Florence Marie Wildern About 18


Florence Marie Wildern was born May 26, 1893 in Charlotte, Michigan. Florence is the only one of Chelsea's siblings born in Michigan. All the rest were born in Canada. Florence married Harold Sherman, born September 12, 1887 on May 30, 1916 in Charlotte, Michigan. They had four children, Jeanne Elizabeth Sherman, born in Brookfield Twp, Michigan, Julian 'Johnnie' Verne Sherman, born November 18, 1919, Philip Newton Sherman, born July 10, 1923 and Jerry James Sherman, born January 18, 1926.

Jeanne Elizabeth Sherman married Paul Robert Sherrer in Lansing, Michigan on July 24, 1942 and they have two daughters: Julie Ann Sherrer and Paula Jean Sherrer.

Julian 'Johnnie' Verne Sherman was married in Charlotte, Michigan to Betty Weiting and they had one child.  Johnnie was killed in an automobile accident on Christmas Eve, December 24, 1956.

Philip Newton Sherman was married on April 22, 1943 in Potterville, Michigan to Doris Marguerite Saylor, born February 21, 1922 and they have two children: Nancy Jean Sherman, born in Potterville, Michigan and William Harold Sherman, born in Big Rapids, Michigan.

Jerry James Sherman was married to Mildred Thompson on September 28, 1952 and they have two children: Brett J. Sherman and Cynthia K. Sherman.

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Florence About 2


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Florence About 10


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