George Raymond 'Ray' Wildern Family

George Raymond 'Ray' Wildern Family
George Raymond 'Ray' Wildern, Kenneth Helm, Thelma Elizabeth
and Cassie Velsey (Helm) Wildern


George Raymond Wildern is Chealsea's youngest brother. He was born in Tilsonburg, Ontario, Canada on June 20, 1877. His father, Job Wildern was born April 16, 1842 in Misterton, Somerset, England, and his mother is Amert Raymond was born July, 3, 1851 in Port Royal Ontario, Canada. George Raymond married Cassie Velsey Helm on November 14, 1900 in Needmore, Michigan. She is the daughter of Dan Velsey Helm, born November 1, 1844 in Carlton, Michigan and Viola Preston, born January 1, 1844 in Oneida, Michigan. George and Cassie had two children: Kenneth Helm Wildern, born August 5, 1904 in Olivet, Michigan and Thelma Elizabeth Wildern, born July 16, 1914 in Lansing, Michigan.

George worked as a printer. His son, Kenneth worked as a Chief Switchman for Michigan Bell Telephone Co. He was married to Gladys Viola Brown, who worked as a nurse, on June 6, 1931 in Jackson Michigan and they had two daughters: Ann Louise Wildern and Kay Jean Wildern. Ann Louise is married to George Albert Martin, born in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Kay Jean is married to Rolland Harold Pardonnet. Thelma Elizabeth was married to Ford 'Duane' Johnson on November 23, 1938 and they had two children, Joanne Elizabeth and Jerrold 'Jerry' Lynn. Joanne was married to Raymond Lee McCune on May 16, 1969 and Jerrold 'Jerry' Married Linda Fay Reeves on September 1, 1962.


George Raymond and Cassie Velsey Wildern Family
50th Wedding Anniversary of George Raymond and Cassie Velsey Wildern


Seated at the table on the left side is George Raymond, then his son, Kenneth Helm. Next to Kenneth is his wife Gladys Viola, then their two daughters: Ann Louise and Kay Jean. The two on the top right are Ford 'Duane' Johnson and Thelma (Wildern) Johnson. The two children are Duane and Thelma's son, Jerrold 'Jerry' Lynn and daughter, Joanne Elizabeth. Seated at the right side is Cassie Velsey.

4-Generations (1932) - George Raymond, Kenneth Helm,
Amert Raymond and Ann Elizabeth

George R Wildern

George R. Wildern

George R. Wildern served as head of the YMCA uniform division in Paris 1917.


Offspring of Kenneth Helm Wildern + Gladys Viola Brown

Kenneth's and Glady's daughter Kay and her husband Ron, middle row on left. Their daughter, Linda and her husband back row on left. Kay and Ron's son, Keith in middle row wearing black. Keith's daughter on his lap and his son sitting in front. White shirts in back row are Kenneth's and Glady's daughter Ann and her husband George. Their three daughters, Sharon (next to George), Susan and her husband (next to Ann) and their daughter Kathy (between Kay and Keith).


The Martins

The Martins

George, Ann, Sharon, Susan and Kathy.


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