How to Print the Wildern Family History

The Wildern Family History was last updated April 8, 2019. If you would like to print it, use the printer friendly version which you can download here instead of printing it from the webpage. It prints out on 12 separate pages, but it has been formatted to print on both sides of 6 pages. To print on both sides I would print page 1, then put the page back in the printer and print page 2 on the back of page 1. Continue until all twelve pages are printed. Also print the Wedding Certificate, Timeline, or the original timeline that prints on two pages, Pedigree, Naturalization Document and Certificate of Intent. Staple all the pages you assembled along the left border near the edge, then bind the pages with a report binder like the ones high school kids use. The one I've been using is the Avery Sliding Bar Report Cover 47320. When you bind the left side this way, it makes it difficult to read the text on the inside where it was bound, because it's so close to the edge. To compensate for it all the odd pages are shifted to the right and all of the even pages are shifted to the left. Using the report cover adds a professional, finished look and it makes it easy to share with other family members.

There are two different versions of the timeline you can download. The original one printed on two pages, but then because the printer doesn’t print all the way to the edge, both printouts had to be cut and then taped.  To get around that, I made another version for those that are able to print on legal size paper (8½ x 14). It's made with a larger left border, so it can be bound with the rest of the pages. The print is a little smaller, but it’s still readable. When you're binding the legal size version, staple it with it facing you. The timeline page will be perpendicular to the rest of the pages and will stick out. You can fold it before you staple it, but leave about an inch on the left side to be stapled. In other words, don't fold it down the middle.

The information provided here is accurate to the best of my knowledge; however, it's difficult to account for our family history that goes back in time over 200 years. My sources are Wildern family members, records and newspaper articles. If anyone has different information or corrections to make, please contact me.  Your contributions are welcomed.

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